Smart Substitutions to Eat Healthy!

I admit that eating healthy all the time isn't easy! I do pretty well most of the time, but the best technique by far is replacing unhealthy ingredients with some thing healthier. These easy changes will cut tons of calories, fat, and sugar from your diet. Replace these items not only in your recipes, but also in your cabinet!

  • Make salads (chicken, tuna) with Greek yogurt instead of mayo

  • Instead of vegetable oil or butter, use olive oil

  • Instead of mayo on sandwich..spread avocado

  • Try zucchini noodles instead of sphagetti noodles

  • Dip your veggies in Greek yogurt instead of sour cream (Greek yogurt has an extra protein punch and way less fat!)

  • Use lettuce for tacos instead of tortilla shells

  • Replace oil with apple sauce to make healthier baked goods

  • Use stevia instead of sugar (I do this with so many things and it tastes the same..all natural with zero calories, no sugar, and no carbs!)

  • Use almond milk instead of dairy milk (regular milk has 6x more sugar!)

  • Use coconut milk for cream

  • Garlic powder instead of salt

  • Kale chips instead of potato chips..I also eat veggie straws!

  • Use almond butter instead of peanut butter (peanut butter contains hydrogenated oils and added sugar)

  • Eat dark leafy greens instead of ice burg lettuce (darker greens have 17x more vitamin A and 4x more vitamin K)

  • Brown rice instead of White rice..or cauliflower rice, even better!

  • Turnip or cauliflower mash instead of mash potatoes

  • Whole-wheat bread instead of white bread

  • Ground turkey for ground beef..I also use ground chicken (great for burgers, chili, tacos..all easy healthy meals!)

  • White-meat skinless chicken instead of dark-meat poultry

  • Bison for beef

  • Sauté in chicken broth instead of oil

  • Steam instead of broil (keeps nutrients in veggies)

  • Baked sweet potato fries over french fries

  • Soda water for tonic water (tonic water is actually full of sugar!)

  • Red wine instead of white wine (red wine has antioxidants it it and less sugar!)

  • Frozen or fresh fruit over canned fruit

  • Unsweetened iced tea for juice (juice has just as much sugar in it than soda!)

  • Use coconut flour instead of flour (coconut flour has 11x more fiber!)

  • Cacao nibs instead of chocolate (cacao nibs have no sugar and 5x more fiber!)




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