"I had just had a baby and was looking for a committed trainer in the ATL area. Then a friend who had trained with Tisch suggested I check her Instagram account. Once I did, I was immediately drawn to the fact that she too had a baby (toddler) and had worked hard to get her body back. I wanted someone who had a natural body and more of a realistic approach of hard work and dedication. Which miss Tisch was nothing short of. I figured as a mother and a woman she would understand exactly what my goals were. She is a very sweet lady and very professional. We bonded as mothers and I really connected with her beautiful spirit. Now our kids actually spend play dates and attend each other's birthday parties. She is a phenomenal woman that I will always support."

Tisch is ,hands down, everything one can ask for in a personal trainer.  She has a strong passion for what she does and varies each session with new & challenging routines that make every workout unpredictable and fun! With her flexible schedule, she tailors workouts designed specifically for my fitness goals/needs.  Whether training for the best body/shape of my life for my wedding--to needing safe, yet effective work outs to sustain/maintain muscle throughout my pregnancy, she has been the ultimate motivator and coach!  I have been a loyal client of hers for nearly 3 years and highly recommend her training.



Tisch has me sore in muscles I never knew I had before!


Tisch completely changed my approach to working out and as a result, changed my body. She challenges me and pushed me to be stronger than I thought I was... mentally and physically. Tisch is the best thing I've ever done for myself!



I recommend Tisch to anyone who is dedicated to working out while pregnant. I lost all of my pregnancy weight within the first week after giving birth to my baby. She is definitely the truth.

My snap back was amazing! Love Tisch!

Ms. Tisch is the best trainer I've worked with thus far. She's helped me to get in amazing shape for my wedding, kept me in shape during pregnancy, and ensured I snapped back after birth! Her workouts are fun and keeps me motivated to continue to come back. She also motivates me to eat healthier to get the best out of my workouts! Although she pushes me to the max I look forward to our sessions!.




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